LoR Deck Guide: Scouts (Magic Misadventures Update)

LoR Deck Guide: Scouts (Magic Misadventures Update)

How to Play: Scouts (Magic Misadventures)

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here. Today I’m going to go over my Scout deck I went 11-1 with!

This deck is positioned really well for the meta and is a lot of fun.

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NicMakesPlays Scouts


[See NicMakesPlays Scouts deck details]

Win Condition

The goal of this deck is to put on the pressure with Miss Fortune while shutting down your opponent’s game plan with Stony Suppressor.

You can set up a huge board and finish the game around turn 6-7 with Genevieve, Cithria, and Rally.


NicMakesPlays Scouts (LoR Mulligan)

Mulligan for a one drop, Stony Suppressor/Marai Warden and Miss Fortune.

If you are going second you can also look for Fleetracker + Brightsteel for an easy kill, or Poppy to buff your board on turn 4.

Rangers Resolve can also help to be a cheap card to help protect your units against tons of removal.

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Fleetfeather Tracker / Brightsteel Protector

fleetfeather tracker jpgbrightsteel protector jpg

Fleetfeather Tracker is your best one drop of the deck. This card allows you to challenge powerful cards like Kennen and Elusives to disrupt your opponent’s game plan. You can also combine this card with Brightsteel Protector and Miss Fortune to get some free kills with its Challenger.

Brightsteel Protector is great on Challengers to give them Barrier for combat, and also for protecting important cards like Miss Fortune and Poppy.

Stony Suppressor / Marai Warden

Stony Suppresor (LoR Card)marai warden (lor card)

Stony Suppressor is amazing in this meta at shutting down top decks. Against decks like Ahri Kennen, Shellfolk, Darkness, Trundle/Trynd Feel The Rush, and Pantheon their gameplan is slowed down significantly from their spells costing 1 extra mana.

You can use this time to set up a strong board and apply pressure with Miss Fortune and Poppy. Marai Warden is great at creating a wide board to apply pressure with. You can also use Marai Warden to set up powerful board buffs with Poppy, Genevieve, and Cithria.

Miss Fortune / Poppy

miss fortune level 1 jpgPoppy level 1 (LoR Card)

Miss Fortune and Poppy are your champions of the deck. Miss Fortune’s ability helps clean up 1 health units and get favorable combat trades. This is particularly powerful at gaining board control to set up big swings for the next turn. Miss Fortune can easily level in this deck with Scouts and Rallies. If Miss Fortune is leveled you essentially automatically win the game from dealing 3 damage to the enemy nexus and blockers every single attack.

Poppy is great at buffing your board’s stats so they are harder to deal with. She is great when combined with Stony Suppressor to make him harder to kill, Marai Warden to get a ton of buffs, or Laurent Protege to utilize his Challenger and high health stat.

Golden Aegis / Relentless Pursuit

Golden Aegis (LoR reveal)relentless pursuit jpg

Golden Aegis and Relentless Pursuit are your Rallies of the deck. Golden Aegis can put a Barrier on a unit while you Rally allowing it to attack safely. You can use this on units such as Miss Fortune so she can attack too without the risk of dying, or Challengers to clean up free kills. Relentless Pursuit buffs a unit +1|+1 and Rallies.

You can use this on units such as Poppy to buff more of your board or Challengers to get good combat trades. If you Rally then it also refreshes your Scout attack so you can attack with Scout units and then your regular units. This makes it particularly easy to level Miss Fortune and finish with her powerful leveled ability.

Genevieve Elmheart / Cithria the Bold

genevieve elmheart jpgCithria The Bold (LoR Card)

Genevieve Elmheart and Cithria the Bold are your six drops of the deck. Genevieve is great on offensive turns to buff your whole field and clearing up enemy blockers with her Scout attack. Genevieve can often 2 for 1 and set your board up to win the game. Cithria gives your whole field Fearsome when she attacks which allows a lot more attacks to go through and finish the game.

One play you can do is attack with Cithria to give your whole field Fearsome, then use Rally to Scout attack after so your Scouts are buffed and have Fearsome. Cithria is also great to set up your next attack on defensive turns because her effect is on the attack instead of on the turn she is summoned like Genevieve.

Good Matchups

This deck is great against decks where Stony Suppressor shines. Against matchups like Ahri Kennen, you can use Stony Suppressor to slow down their gameplan while using Miss Fortune and Challengers to clean up free kills on Kennen, The Mourned, and Dancing Droplet.

You can use Poppy, Genevieve, or Cithria to buff your board and make a huge swing, and then Rally to finish them off.

In this matchup, you always want to mulligan for Stony Suppressor, Miss Fortune, and a one drop. This deck is also great against SI Frejlord control because Stony Suppressor can slow them down, as well as Ranger Resolve protecting against their board clears.

Bad Matchups

This deck struggles against decks with tons of stuns and removal like Ravenous Flock and Arachnoid Sentry such as Swain decks.

To win these matchups try and put a Stony Suppressor on the board as early as possible so it costs more for them to use their removal.

Try and play Poppy to buff your board a turn early so you can open attack to avoid Arachnoid Sentry. Then, finish the game with a huge turn with Genevieve or Cithria.

Tech Choices

If you want to tech in cards you can cut copies of Station Archivist, Sivir, and Augmented Experimenter.

Blinding Assault – This card can lean the deck to a more aggressive variant and combo well with Miss Fortune

blinding assault jpg.
Riposte – This card is great against combat-oriented decks such as Sivir Akshan and can also give Miss Fortune some more protection.

Riposte (LoR Card)
Quinn- Quinn is a nice alternative to Poppy by giving you powerful plays on turn 5 and making it reliably easy to level up Miss Fortune via Scout attacks.

Quinn level 1 (LoR Card)

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