LoR Deck Guide: Targon’s Peak

LoR Deck Guide: Targon’s Peak

 How to Play Targon’s Peak

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over my Targon’s Peak deck that recently got multiple buffs.

It’s a lot of fun and competitively viable! Stick around to find out how to play it.

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NicMakesPlays Targon's Peak (LoR Deck)


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Win Condition

The goal of this deck is to ramp into Targon’s Peak and then win by discounting extremely powerful cards to 0.

You should expect to win your games from turns 7-10.


NicMakesPlays Targon's Peak (LoR Mulligan)

Look to mulligan for Targon’s Peak + Faces + Catalyst of Aeons. This allows you to ramp into Targon’s Peak on turn 4 and start discounting your strong cards right away.

If you already have both of these cards you want the rest of your hand to be filled with powerful 8+ cost cards to be discounted.

Against Aggro you can keep Kindly Tavernkeeper, Avalanche, and Blighted Ravine to heal and wipe the board.

Faces of the Old Ones / Catalyst of Aeons

Faces of the Old Ones (LoR Card)Catalyst of Aeons (LoR card)

Faces of the Old Ones and Catalyst of Aeons are your ramp cards you want to draw before Targon’s Peak. You can use Faces of the Old Ones to ramp into Targons Peak early.

A 0|3 statline makes it hard to remove and the Behold requirement is easy to fulfill with all the 8+ cards in the deck. Catalyst of Aeons is nice as well because it can heal you back early game damage and also use spell mana to help ramp.

Targon’s Peak / Feel the Rush

Targon's Peak (LoR Card) Feel The Rush (LoR Card)

Targon’s Peak is the main card in the deck and Feel the Rush is the best card to get discounted by it. Targon’s Peak allows you to discount all of your extremely powerful cards as early as turn 5.

The main win condition of the deck is to discount these cards and win by either playing them early or slamming down strong card after strong card for 0.

Feel the Rush is the best card to get discounted because it summons two of your Champs as 10|10’s.

Tryndamere / Aurelion Sol

Tryndamere level 1 (LoR Card)level 1 aurelion sol jpg

Tryndamere and Aurelion Sol are both phenomenal off Feel the Rush and have roles when summoned on their own as well. Tryndamere levels up instead of dying making him able to kill enemies through removal when summoned off Feel the Rush.

Aurelion Sol now levels up immediately off one Feel the Rush and continues to give you powerful cards that cost 0. Tryndamere costs 8 so he is a good card to ramp into if you don’t have Targon’s Peak to start putting pressure on the enemy.

Battlefury and Skies Descent as their champ spells also add more to the slew of powerful cards in the deck. Both of these cards are great targets for Targon’s Peak itself and help Faces of the Old Ones have more targets to Behold.

Voices of the Old Ones / It That Stares

Voices of the Old Ones (LoR Card)It that Stares (LoR Card)

Voices of the Old Ones gives you ways to ramp without Targon’s Peak and It That Stares is a great card to ramp into to stabilize the board. This deck doesn’t always draw Targon’s Peak, so it’s alt win condition is ramping naturally with Voices of the Old Ones.

This card can quickly get you to 8+ mana so you can start playing your powerful cards naturally. Voices of the Old Ones was also buffed to dig for 5 cards instead of 4 which can raise your chances of seeing strong cards to ramp into.

It That Stares was also buffed to deal 3 damage to all units instead of 2. This makes it a strong card to ramp into to stabilize the board by clearing all enemy units. It That Stares being an 8 drop is also great because it’s one of the earliest cards you can ramp into.

Avalanche / Blighted Ravine

Avalanche (LoR card)Blighted Ravine (LoR Card)

Avalanche and Blighted Ravine are your board clears of the deck. These cards are particularly powerful against Aggro and decks that go wide like Spider Aggro or Ahri Kennen.

Avalanche is great on your opponent’s turn to clear their board and save damage. You can use this on turn 4 against Ahri Kennen when they summon Kinkou Wayfinder to clear their units that were summoned from the deck.

Blighted Ravine is great on your own turn because it essentially shuts down the enemies tempo. Any 2 or less health unit they play while be destroyed and they often just have to pass. This is nice because it helps clear units that are already on the board and heals you as well.

Good Matchups

This deck is amazing against Control matchups. Slower decks aren’t able to pressure you so you can safely play Targon’s Peak and start dropping your game winning cards way earlier than them. You can also ramp into your strong cards with Voices of the Old Ones while digging for more win conditions.

In these matchups you can mulligan a bit greedy to make sure you have Targon’s Peak, ramp and your win conditions. Generally, you will be playing stronger and more powerful cards early and win from there.

Bad Matchups

Aggro and decks that apply of pressure are hard matchups but this deck has tons of cards that can remedy this. Kindly Tavernkeeper is great at being a solid 3|3 blocker while also healing 3 damage you took in the early game. Avalanche and Blighted Ravine can keep these decks at bay while also making them run out of steam.

Starshaping and Catalyst of Aegons are also great at healing back tons of heal to stay out of range of burn. Once you’ve stabilized in the mid-game you can play Targon’s Peak and win with a stronger late game than them.

Tech Choices

If you want to tech in cards you can cut copies of Starshaping and She Who Wonders.

Wyrding Stones – This card gives you extra access to ramp which helps adds consistency and improve control matchups.

Wyrding Stones (LoR Card)

Trundle- Trundle can be played over Tryndamere to help stabilize in the mid-game more reliably at the trade off of weaker late game.

Trundle level 1 (LoR Card)

Buried in Ice- This is yet another powerful card to be discounted but in the form of a spell. You can use this board to clear the enemy board and win from there.

Buried in Ice (LoR Card)

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