LoR Deck Guide: Greatmother Predict (Meme)

LoR Deck Guide: Greatmother Predict (Meme)

How to Play: Greatmother Predict For Fun

In a recent patch, Careful Preparation went from a 3 cost card to a 2 cost card. For most players, this doesn’t do much, but to me, it makes my Predict Greatmother deck so much better!

This deck can do some wacky things with Marai Greatmother making 3 cost cards of spells that are 6 or more mana. One of my favorites is using Careful Preparation to seek out a strong spell and then get two of them both at only 3 mana!

This means you can play 2 Feel The Rushes for 6 mana! Eight mana if you want to count the Careful Preparation.

If you enjoy playing big cards early in the game and each game feels unique then this might be the deck for you! This is a deck that is best suited for normal games and not ranked.

Careful Greatmother (LoR Deck)


[See Careful Greatmother deck details]

You could play this deck in ranked, but there will be a lot of games that this deck will fold to.

You might high roll some games to beat meta decks, but ideally, this deck is playing against other non meta decks as it is not a competitive deck meant to create fun moments for the player!

Goal of the Deck and How it Plays

This deck has the game plan to play Marai Greatmother to shuffle the spells into your deck. Xenotype Researchers can also be played before Predicts to give you units to stall for your Marai Greatmother spells. In some cases, large cards from Xenotype researchers might even be enough to win you the game on their own.

After that, you will use Predict cards to find the Marai Greatmother spells. The idea is to high roll strong spells from Marai Greatmother. Some games will give a huge payoff while other games it might not do as much. The secondary win condition is Gangplank and potentially Dreadway if Marai Greatmother doesn’t do enough.

Gangplank level 1 (LoR Card)

The number of draws and Predicts is to help consistently find the best Marai Greatmother cards that you shuffled into your deck. Zap Sprayfin can also be used to find Marai Greatmother cards, Quicksand, or Careful Preparation. Careful Preparation is used ideally to create two copies of a strong Marai Greatmother card!

The other cards in the deck that don’t Predict or draw are mostly just solid cards from the regions to play to keep tempo with your opponent’s deck before you are able to play your Greatmother spells.

If you don’t mulligan into your Greatmother or find her early, you can use your Predict cards to find Marai Greatmother as well.


As was mentioned earlier, this deck is meant to be played for fun against other non-meta decks although you can high roll some wins against meta decks. This deck is interesting because it can win against anything with the right draws, but it can also lose to anything if you low roll. It does have weaker matchups against faster, aggro decks. However, against midrange and slower decks, it has a fighting chance against them.


When you are against any slow decks, you will want to search for Marai Greatmother the most. It is the card that allows you to do the fun aspects of the deck. If you already have Marai Greatmother, then keep Predict cards, especially Careful Preparation.

Against faster decks, you will want to try to maintain an early game tempo with them. Keeping Treasure Seeker, Aspiring Chronomancer, and Hired Gun can help with this. Keeping Xenotype researchers can make sense if you have early one and two cost units. If you have early drops, then keeping Quicksand can help delay your opponent’s deck.

Generally you mulligan Preservarium away as you can find better cards for your starting hand. If you have Marai Greatmother already in hand, then you will want to keep Zap Sprayfin in hopes to find a Marai Greatmother card or a Careful Preparation.

Careful Greatmother (LoR Mulligan)

In this hand, I would keep everything Quicksand. I have my combo of Marai Greatmother and Careful Preparation which I hope to get lucky and find a good 3 cost card that Marai Greatmother made. Hired Gun will help stabilize me in my early turns. Quicksand doesn’t help my game plan from this point because most of my turns are planned out already.
Turn 2 I will play Hired Gun.

On Turn 3 I will play one of my drawn cards, but I will make sure to save 2 spell mana for the next round. This makes it so on turn 4 I can play Marai Greatmother and my Careful Preparation if I wish. This hand essentially plays itself. If Careful Preparation misses, then find more Predict cards to continue filtering through your deck.

Tech Choices

Rite of Negation (LoR Card)

Rite of Negation can help stop your opponent’s spells or your opponent from trying to deny your spells from Marai Greatmother. Zap Sprayfin does not draw it, so you don’t have to worry about it watering down your draws.

marai warden (lor card)

Marai Warden if you find yourself needing more defense against aggressive decks who go wide.

Baccai Sandspinner (LoR Card)

Baccai Sandspinner can be used to give you more board-based control since you lack spells to deal with your opponent’s units.

Desert Naturalist (LoR Card)

Desert Naturalist can be a card that you use if you are having trouble with landmark decks. On top of this, it does have some synergy with your Ancient Preparations if your opponent isn’t running landmarks.

Thanks for reading. I love playing fun decks that can cause fun things to happen, and this deck certainly does that. I hope that you can find some exciting games with it as well!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

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